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Trans dad here: you better bring a few friends with you.
A Christian pastor said the parents of trans kids should be "shot in the back of the head" and their bodies "strung up on a bridge."
Bonjour @airfrance je viens de booker deux vols pour mon ami et moi et je viens de me rendre compte que je me suis trompée de date pour le billet de mon ami. Dois je payer un nouveau billet? Une réponse serait vraiment apprécier.
Update, Jai été remboursée sans pénalité. La politique d'Air France est que tout billet peux être canceller dans les 24 heures qui suivent son achat. merci!
Is there any good ways to find local admins on Windows machines company wide? Would Powerview work for that? Or Via Intune? Or something else, I not have MDE unfortunatly. I'm using S1 which can't do that. Help! #cybersecurity #cybersecurityprogram
I installed arc on an on prem servers. In Arc Servers I installed the extension for AMA then I went to my Log Analytics WS and then created a Data collection Rule and added that newly Arc Server but I only see the logs within Arc Server not the log analytics? Is this normal?
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